Min. num. of participants

6-10 persons

Tour duration



The Drina canyon

Tour description

The Ultimate Drina Kayak Adventure is a two-day excursion from Višegrad with spending 2 x 6 hours on the water in a natural environment.

One of the most beautiful rivers in the Balkans from ancient times known as Zelenika, Drina hides many incredible pearls of nature such as waterfalls or underwater springs and hidden caves The lower part of the Drina canyon is particularly interesting because of its size and status of being the third deepest canyon in the world! Direct contact with wildlife from the kayak or SUP boards is an unforgettable experience! For the downhill ride the "sit on top" kayaks are safer than the regular ones and with our guide's instructions the possibility of falling is minimal. All participants get a safety vest.

Be 1 on 1 with the Drina canyon!

* This tour can also be realized on the SUP board.


Day 1 (Višegrad – Stari Brod)

  • 08:00 Gathering in Visegrad at CAT Canyon marina
  • 08:30 Preparations for tour
  • 09:00 Departure to Stari Brod
  • 09: 30-11: 30 Kayaking or supping on the Drina river
  • 12:00 Arrival at Stari Brod, rest near the memorial complex
  • 13:00 Rowing to the other shore of Stari Brod
  • 14:00 Unpacking at the campsite / accommodation
  • 15:00 Lunch
  • 16:00 Free time (optional: hiking)
  • 21:00 Sleeping time


Day 2 (Stari Brod- Perućac)

  • 05:45 Preparations for departure
  • 06:00 Transport from Stari Brod to Zemljice (canyon entry point)
  • 06:30 Hiking from Zemljice (800m) to the base of the canyon
  • 07:30 Departure into the canyon and leaving for Perućac
  • 08: 00-14: 00 Kayaking through the Drina Canyon
  • 14:30 Arrival to Perućac, rest
  • 15:30 Packing the equipment into the van
  • 16:00 Leaving for way back to Višegrad


For the members of Višegrads sports clubs - discount 50%
For the members of Bosnian, Serbian and MNE sports clubs - discount 30%
Regular price ovog izleta je 300 KM (150 evra) po osobi

Kayak or SUP board, belt for each participant, oars, guides
Transportation: from Stari Bord to Zemljica, and from Bajina Bašta back to Višegrad
Accommodation: sleeping in Stari Brod bungalow
Food: lunch in Stari Brod and a light breakfast before departure

Other information about the tour:
Food:  Besides lunch and breakfast that is included in the tour, everybody needs to take care of themselves individually. It is desirable to take: a few sandwiches, a few sweets or energy bars, a minimum 1 bottle of drinking water or juice. If participants are interested we can organize BBQ during the tour.
Clothing: It is good to have: spare clothes, spare footwear, swimsuit, warm hoodie or jacket.
Ecology: You must take your garbage with you, it is even desirable to collect some of the garbage that we encounter during the adventure.
Who can participate:  You can take part in this tour whether you have been involved in some sports or not. Come with your friends, girlfriend, boyfriend! This tour is organized for participants without any similar experience!

Note: According to the weather, the program schedule is subject to change.


Applications can be sent via email to kajakvisegrad@gmail.com or via Instagram and Facebook. After that, we will contact you for more details. Activities are organized exclusively according to predefined terms.

Registration is desired at least 1 day prior to arrival in Višegrad. 
Kayak&SUP Adventure is organized for smaller groups and the number of participants is limited.
The group can contain 6 to 10 participants.

Tour difficulty

Very hard

Rout length

52 km


150 evra