1 on 1 with the river - sail away in adventure on Drina

About Us

In these times in which we live, the general alienation, especially the one between humans and nature, is evident. This is causing people to look for a different type of vacation.

Travel arrangements that offer everything planned and that way preserving the tourist in his own little "bubble" is no longer what a modern man seeks for.

Currently, the most common alternative to standard tourist arrangements are different forms of active holidays.

In addition to our active tours in the unspoiled nature around the Drina river, our project aims to raise awareness about the importance of protecting our rivers and the need for their ecological preservation.

This idea is the result of our fascination with the beauty of the Drina River and its surroundings. We want to share this feeling with everyone else.

Our goal is to organize active tours such as kayaking and canoeing through the Drina canyon, mountain biking on the slopes of Tara or hiking tours to the peaks of the surrounding mountains.

We get nature and people closer to each other and offer access to attractive unexplored natural sites.

When making a decision, active tourism lovers look for uninhabited and new locations. We are here to present them the natural beauties still unexplored and non-commercialized, such as the Drina Canyon, the second deepest canyon in Europe, and the third deepest canyon in the world.

1 on 1 with nature