Easy hike on Butkove cliffs viewpoint

Min. num. of participants

2-12 persons

Tour duration




Tour description

Climb to the most beautiful and closest lookout above Visegrad itself. Butkove cliffs are located next to the old bridge and the scenic view from this viewpoint is amazing.

With advance notice, it is possible to arrange breakfast, coffee or something else such as homemade brandy or wine 🙂



The program for this tour is negotiated with each group individually as the departure time is not fixed but can be adjusted to the schedule of guests.

Departures for this hiking trip are possible everyday from 7am to 7pm.


This climb is not demanding and it is comparable with light physical activity.

Za članove svih sportskih društava u opštini Višegrad – popust 30%
Sa članskom karaticom svih sportskih društava iz Bosne, Srbije, Crne gore – popust 10%
Regular price for this tour is 20KM (10 euro) per person

Other information about the tour:
Food:Everybody takes care of themselves individually. It is desirable to have some fruit or energy bar and 1 bottle of drinking water or juice.
Clothing:according to the weather. It is certainly desirable to have appropriate footwear.
Ecology:Take your trash with you.
Who can participateYou can take part in this tour whether you have been involved in some sports or not. Come with your family, friends, girlfriend or boyfriend! This tour is organized for participants without any similar experience!


Applications can be sent via email to kajakvisegrad@gmail.com or via Instagram and Facebook. After that, we will contact you for more details. Activities are organized exclusively according to predefined terms.

Registration is desired at least 1 day prior to arrival in Višegrad. 
Hiking to this viewpoint is organized for smaller groups and the number of participants is limited. 
The group can contain from 2 to 12 participants.

Tour difficulty


Rout length

2 km


10 euro