Day trip to Upper Drina lake

Min. num. of participants

2-12 persons

Tour duration



Mouth of river Lim

Tour description

Trip to the upper Drina Lake and the mouth of Lim is a tour that includes a trip from Višegrad to the Upper Drina Lake with 2 to 3 hours in water in natural surroundings. The lake stretches forty kilometers along the Podrinje and passes through the municipalities of Višegrad, Novo Goražde and Rudo.
The Višegrad lake is an artificially accumulated lake created by the construction of the Višegrad Hydro-power plant on the Drina river. The lake's surface is about 1,070 hectares in size. The Lim river is the largest tributary of the Drina and on its way to the mouth it passes through Plav, Prijepolje, Bijelo Polje, Berane, Priboj and Rudo. With our guides visitors will be able to go 1 km upstream the Lim river. The Upper Drina Lake is the most ideal location for swimming on the Drina because during the summer months the water is still and its surface layer is warm and pleasant for swimming, but if you dive for 1.5 m under the cold Drina is waiting.

If you want to enjoy a light pace with sunbathing and swimming together with the friends, this tour is ideal for you.

"Sit on top" kayaks are safer than the regular ones and with our guide's instructions the possibility of falling is minimal. All participants get a safety vest.

Spend your summer in Višegrad, we have our own sea!


  • 09:00 Gathering in Višegrad at CAT Kanyon marina
  • 09:10 Changing, preparation for kayaking and packing in a van
  • 09:30 Arriving at Upper Drina Lake from where the tour starts
  • 09:40 Sail off with kayaks and SUP-s
  • 10:10 Arrival to the mouth of Lim
  • 10: 10-10: 40 Kayaking and supping on the Lim River
  • 11:00 Return to Upper Drina Lake
  • 11: 00-12: 00 Swimming, sunbathing and other leisure activities on the water
  • 12:30 Return to the CAT Canyon Marina

* This tour can also be realized in other time slots


For the members of Višegrads sports clubs - discount 50%
For the members of Bosnian, Serbian and MNE sports clubs - discount 30%
Regular price of this excursion is 50 KM (25 euros) per person

Kayak or SUP board, safety vest for each participant, oars, guides, transport from Visegrad to the location.

Other information about the tour:
Food: individually. It is desirable to take: 1 bottle of drinking water or juice.
Clothing: Minimum is needed: spare clothes, swimsuit.
Ecology: You must take the garbage with you (to the first bin :)).
Who can participate:  You can take part in this tour whether you have been involved in some sports or not. Come with your friends, girlfriend, boyfriend! This tour is organized for participants without any similar experience!

Note: According to the weather, the program schedule is subject to change.


Applications can be sent via email to or via Instagram and Facebook. After that, we will contact you for more details. The application is considered complete after filling the form. Activities are organized exclusively according to predefined terms.

Registration is desired at least 1 day prior to arrival in Višegrad. 
Kayak&SUP excursion to Upper Drina lake is organized for smaller groups and the number of participants is limited.
The group can contain from 4 to 12 participants.

Tour difficulty


Rout length

7.5 km


25 euro