Hiking on Old town Dobrun

Min. num. of participants

4-15 persons

Tour duration




Tour description

The Old Town Dobrun, popularly known as the city of the damned Jerina, situated at a height of 150 meters on the rocks above the river Rzav, in Dobrun. In the 15th century, it was one of the most famous cities in this area. It consisted of a fort with a parish court and three watchtowers. In the Middle Ages, the city also had its suburbs, where merchants from Dubrovnik lived. Until today, only the remains of the towers, which can be seen from the main road, have been preserved.

According to the legend, the town was built in the year 1440. and was built by the wife of the Serbian despot Djurdj Branković Smederevac, popularly known as the Queen Jerina the Cursed. This data could not be historically verified. Taking into account the historical parallel and data relating to the life of Djurdj Branković during this period, it could be assumed that the city was built at that time. However, there are a lot of undeniable historical evidence that the city is a lot of older origin. For the time being, its construction has been the subject of controversy among historians.

There is legend related to betrayal of the Old town of Dobrun by a farmer named Jovan Kalauz. The city resisted the attacks of the Turks for a long time due to the inaccessibility of the terrain, but thanks to the treason of John Kalauz, it was conquered.


  • 09:00 Gathering in Višegrad at CAT Kanyon marina
  • 09:10 Wardrobe changing, preparation for hiking
  • 09:30 – 10:00 A van ride to the Dobrun Monastery
  • 10:00 – 11:00 Walk from Dobrun Monastery, besides Camp Dobrovnik to the Emperor's Mosque
  • 11:00 - 12:00 Climb to the Dobrun Old Town
  • 12:00 - 13:30 Lunchtime at the King's bridge Restaurant (optional)
  • 13:30 Transportation way back to Višegrad


The hiking to the Dobrun Old Town takes 2h. The climb begins in the restaurant King's Bridge which is located in the foothills. A shuttle van is available for arrival and return to Visegrad. Optional lunch is available at King's Bridge restaurant for a price of 10 euro (lunch includes baking under the bell aka sač and an aperitif with local brandy aka rakija).

For the members of Višegrads sports clubs - discount 50%
For the members of Bosnian, Serbian and MNE sports clubs - discount 30%
Regular price of this excursion is 50 KM (25 euros) per person

Other information about the tour:
Food:Everybody takes care of themselves individually. It is desirable to have some fruit or energy bar and 1 bottle of drinking water or juice.
Clothing:according to the weather. It is certainly desirable to have appropriate footwear.
Ecology:Take your trash with you.
Who can participateYou can take part in this tour whether you have been involved in some sports or not. Come with your family, friends, girlfriend or boyfriend! This tour is organized for participants without any similar experience!


Applications can be sent via email to kajakvisegrad@gmail.com or via Instagram and Facebook. After that, we will contact you for more details. Activities are organized exclusively according to predefined terms.

Registration is desired at least 1 day prior to arrival in Višegrad. 
The hiking to the Old town Dobrun is organized for smaller groups and the number of participants is limited, the group can contain from 4 to 15 participants.

Tour difficulty


Rout length

2.5 km


25 euro