Hiking to "Written cliff" prehistoric site

Min. num. of participants

6-8 osoba

Tour duration



Village Žlijeb

Tour description

Malo poznata javnosti, Pisana stena u selu Žlijeb na obroncima Tare, pominje se u arheološkim zapisima još u 19. vijeku. Opsežnija istraživanja nikada nisu organizovana, pa još nije razjašnjeno kom periodu pripada. Narod tog kraja Pisanu stenu vezuje za nastanak reke Vrelo, na drugoj strani planine, u Perućcu. Vrelo važi za najkraću srpsku reku, dugu samo 365 metara, zbog čega je zovu i Godina. Nastaje u podnožju Tare, vodopadom se stropoštava u Drinu, na njoj su bile i vodenice – a i prva hidrocentrala u Perućcu, kao i strugare i ribnjaci.
On the other side of Tara, in the Žlijeb village, beneath a cliff on which there are centuries-old enrolled symbols and signs the legend about this river starts.

Here, near Visegrad, under one of the heights of Tara, still lives the legend of the Perućac River.
According to the locals, Perućac had spring under the sign and Queen Jerina the Cursed closed the opening. When the water had been trapped, she found her way out and threw out the Perućac in Bajina Bašta, on the other side of Tara. And now that river is called Vrelo.


  • 09:00 Gathering in Višegrad at CAT Kanyon marina
  • 09:10 Wardrobe changing, preparation for hiking
  • 09:30 – 11:00 Walk across Velji lug
  • 11:00 – 12:00 Walk from Velji lug beside Višegrad Spa to Omerovići village
  • 13:00 – 13:45 Hiking from Omerovići village to Žlijeb village
  • 13:45 – 14:30 Sightseeing of Written cliff site
  • 14:30 Transportation way back to Višegrad


The hiking to the cliff and the Žlijeb village takes around 5 hours. A shuttle van is available for return to Višegrad.

This climb is not demanding and it is comparable with light physical activity.

Za članove svih sportskih društava na opštini Višegrad – popust 20%
Sa članskom karaticom sva sportskih društava iz Bosne, Srbije, Crne gore – popust 10%
Regular price of this excursion is 50 KM (25 euros) per person

Other information about the tour:
Food:Everybody takes care of themselves individually. It is desirable to have some fruit or energy bar and 1 bottle of drinking water or juice.
Clothing:according to the weather. It is certainly desirable to have appropriate footwear.
Ecology:Take your trash with you.
Who can participateYou can take part in this tour whether you have been involved in some sports or not. Come with your family, friends, girlfriend or boyfriend! This tour is organized for participants without any similar experience!


Applications can be sent via email to kajakvisegrad@gmail.com or via Instagram and Facebook. After that, we will contact you for more details. Activities are organized exclusively according to predefined terms.

Registration is desired at least 1 day prior to arrival in Višegrad. 
The hiking to the Written cliff site is organized for smaller groups and the number of participants is limited. The group can contain from 4 to 8 participants.

Tour difficulty


Rout length

17 km


25 euro