Camping in Dobrunvik

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This little paradise on the coast of the Rzav river was built by own hands. of the great nature lover Jasmin Medic.
The camp is located at the foothills of the Old town Dobrun, popularly known as the City of the Damned Jerina.
This old town is located at a height of 150 meters on the rocks above Rzav and in the 15th century was one of the most famous cities in this area.
Upstream of the camp is one of the nicer parts of the river Rzavs canyon that offers adventurers a variety of active tourism options, from kayaking and cycling to hiking. Nearby is the Emperor's mosque from the 15th century, the first building erected by the Turks in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Also nearby is the Orthodox Monastery of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary from the 14th century, which is considered one of the oldest monasteries in Bosnia and Herzegovina. All this makes this site interesting for you to spend a few days and nights in it.

All travelers are encouraged to camp at the "Dobrunvik" Kayak Camp.


The surrounding exploration tour can be arranged with the CAT Canyon Adventures team according to the preferences of the camp guests.


The campsite receives campers, has room for your tents but also has its own tents. And the camp also offers lodging in the huts.


Reservations and information: +387 66 301 897

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